Version History

Version 2.0.3

Release date: 05 Jan 2014

  • Added “Reveal in Finder” button to the Export Log List
  • Added advanced options to offset the in-point or extend the duration of a clip. Dropframe videos sometime shift the in-point and duration by a frame. Use these options to compensate.
  • RED: updated to the latest R3DSDK v5.2
  • changed Log List CSV file export to comma separated. Previously, columns were separated by semicolons, which might lead to import problems in Excel in some countries.
  • fixed AE: import aborts when file paths contain an apostrophe
  • fixed AE: import aborts when project contains unsupported file types (like .caf files)
  • AE: enhanced the unused footage and comp check during import

NON-APP STORE VERSION (to obtain this version please visit the non-MAS page):

  • Added MXF file support
  • Added Quicktime Reference Movie export option to the video settings popup window. Welcome back.
  • Added advanced option to use the legacy video exporter of version 1. In some rare cases AVFoundation fails to export drop frame ProRes source videos. In that case use the legacy exporter and try again.
  • Added support for RED clips that consist of multiple R3D files.

Version 2.0.2

Release date: 18 Nov 2014

  • fixed App Store validation issue introduced with the update 2.0.1.

Version 2.0.1

Release date: 15 Nov 2014

  • fixed AE: multicam compositions with name “(null)”
  • fixed: animated two-dimensional clip adjustments in FCP X (position, anchor, scale, corner pin) could cause ClipExporter to crash or to abort the import into After Effects
  • fixed: keyword metadata was not written to the video file
  • added “CC 2014″ to the “Send to After Effects” option

Version 2.0.0

Release date: 10 Nov 2014

  • ClipExporter has been rewritten from scratch.
  • Lower memory consumption and speed increase when exporting big projects.
  • Removed Roles on/ off switch. To export clips with roles assigned, simply click the checkbox for that role. Leaving all roles unchecked exports the complete timeline. Use alt+click to switch on all roles at once.
  • Added an export log list panel with option to export as .csv file.
  • Added a new naming panel which allows to customize file- / foldernames. Naming formats can be saved as presets for frequent usage.
  • Added an auto counter. ClipExporter remembers the last counter number for each individual project and uses it on the next export session.
  • Added option to export all video or nuke files to a single folder.
  • AE: added “linked mode”. In linked mode ClipExporter exports the clips as trimmed video files (optionally with handles) and uses these files to reconstruct the timeline in AE. It´s similar to a “consolidate” functionality in other editing applications.
  • AE: added multiple markers support. The previous version translated only the first marker on a clip.
  • AE: added support for notes. Notes on clips appear as comments in AE.
  • AE: added support for keyframes (see known issues below)
  • AE: added placeholder creation if source files are missing during import. Replacing the placeholder with the correct file keeps all timing values intact.
  • AE: (added) source files are imported only once. In the previous version, the source file is imported for each clip in the AE project. Having one source file cut into multiple clips in the FCP X timeline, produced a bulk of unnessesary files in the AE project.
  • AE: (added) All multicam angles get translated. Only the layer(s) with the active angle are visible.
  • AE: fixed a lot of compound clip and multicam related import issues.
  • AE: added colorisation of multicam-, and compound clip layers to have a better visual separation.
  • AE: Added an option to send the generated script directly to After Effects. This streamlines your workflow as you don´t have to manually run the script any more.
  • AE: Added an option to precomp all clips. Available in linked mode only.
  • VIDEO: added support for export of retimed clips, retimed multicams and retimed compound clips.
    NOTES: Avoid reversed (retimed) clips. We found that time values for reversed clips (given by the exported fcpxml) are inaccurate.
    Retimed clips inside compound or multicam clips get unretimed. The unretimed clips might exceed internally the ranges of it´s parent clips and get trimmed or truncated. Rather retime multicam or compound clips than it´s nested video clips.
  • NK: The Nuke exporter works in “linked mode” only. This means that along with the nuke file a trimmed video is exported, which is refered by the Read node. This way the nuke files do not refer to the same source video files as FCP X (as in previous versions of ClipExporter).
  • NK: added a Backdrop Node displaying notes, keywords, file and clip metadata
  • NK: added option to choose between absolute and relative file paths for Read nodes. The files are relative to the “project directory” which is determined by the users target folder.
  • RED: added R3D file support.
  • VIDEO: changed Quicktime export from old QTKit to AV Foundation
  • VIDEO: removed (deprecated) Quicktime reference movie export due to switch to AV Foundation
  • VIDEO: added FCP X metadata support. Keywords and notes are embedded as Quicktime Metadata. Spotlight searchable. To view them open the video file in Quicktime and open the Movie Inspector (see known issues)
  • VIDEO: copies Quicktime file metadata from the source media file to exported video file

Known issues:

  • AE: multicam compositions are named “(null)” -> fixed with 2.0.1
  • VIDEO: keyword metadata is not written to the video file (as announced) -> fixed with 2.0.1
  • Animated clip properties in FCP X with an x and y value (position, anchor, corner pin with keyframes) could cause ClipExporter to crash or to abort the import into After Effects -> fixed with 2.0.1
  • Missing “CC 2014″ entry on the Send to After Effects option -> fixed with 2.0.1
  • Avoid reversed (retimed) clips. They are not supported right now.
  • RED clips that consist of multiple file parts are not supported. This is due to ClipExporter´s restricted access to the file system. I´m searching for a solution.
  • VIDEO: if the error occurs “No bookmarks found. Please re-export your project.” then please try to re-export your project in Final Cut Pro X

Version 1.2.5

Release date: 25 Jul 2013

  • fixed: after opening a file nothing happens. The file does not seem to be recognized and no error shows up. This strange behaviour was caused by orphaned multicam-clip angles (mc-clips in the timeline where the active angle is not present inside the mc-clip anymore or has been deleted).
  • fixed: apostrophes in the project name caused AE to stop executing the .jsx script file.

Version 1.2.4

Release date: 01 May 2013

  • fixed: occuring errors during the file validation process were not reported to the user.
  • fixed: detached audio-clips are muted in AE and video is switched to visible

Version 1.2.3

Release date: 28 Feb 2013

  • fixed: multicam clips within a spine (secondary storyline) and lane >0 caused ClipExporter to abort loading or processing the fcpxml file properly.
  • fixed wrong warning text message that appears when retimed clips were found. Retimed clips are only supported for AE.

Version 1.2.2

Release date: 18 Jan 2013

  • added source code to See the public ClipExporter repository
  • added retimed clips support for After Effects. Please send an email if problems occur.
  • Note: FCP X and After Effects use different interpolation methods to adjust the playback speed of a clip. Mainly when using variable speed changes, the frames between “speed-points” / timing-keyframes might appear offset.
  • Note: ClipExporter utilizes the “Time Remap” Layer attribute in AE to apply speed changes. To get a better looking result it is recommended to switch the Frame Blending to Pixel Motion.

Version 1.2.1

Release date: 17 Dec 2012

  • added image support for After Effects. If image support is required in Nuke too, please let me know.
  • fixed (AE): anamorphic footage is scaled improperly.
  • Note (AE): FCP X is mis-interpreting PAL 720×576 at 25p footage with an aspect ratio of 1.422 as 720×576 at 50i with a pixel aspect ratio of 1.0925. As a result all compositons will have a wrong pixel aspect ratio value set. A workaround is to fix all comps by hand or use the “Adjust Aspect Ratio” script (see our downloads page) that automates this task.
  • minor bugfixes

Version 1.2

Release date: 08 Dec 2012

  • ClipExporter now only runs on Mac OS X 10.7+ and accepts only fcpxml files from Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 and later!
  • the fcpxml version 1.2 introduced with FCP X 10.0.6 fixed a bug that caused skipping of clips when they got broken apart using the command “Break Apart Clip Items”.
  • added self-contained Quicktime movie export. The Quicktime button now toggles between 3 states: off, self-contained movie and reference movie. Exporting self-contained movies may take longer to export.
  • added handle frames and serialization number support for AE. Clips are now pre-comped and organized in the “shots” folder. Each pre-comp name begins with a preceding serialization number. Handle frames are added to the clips and pre-comps. To retain the clip length from your FCP X project the pre-comps get truncated by the number of handle frames in the main-comp.
  • changes AE: compound clips are now organized in the “compoundClips” (previously called “subComps”) folder.
  • added a list of missing files to the pop-up window when import in AE is complete.
  • added a Preferences option that allows to automatically sort the generated files into custom subfolders. No more file sorting by hand.
  • added Preferences option: (Nuke only) always start the Nuke timeline at frame 1. This also adds a NoOp to the node-tree which displays the frame according to the FCP X timeline.
  • added an error-logfile. All errors that occur during export are written to a log file when ClipExporter finishes the export. This file is located in the same directory along with your shot folders. It also contains useful information about retimed clips and their location in your project.
  • added folder creation support in the save-to panel.
  • added Retina-Display support
  • fixed: AE aborts import when unsupported filetypes (like .caf) or trashed files could not be loaded.
  • removed the Preferences option “AE only: lock source movie files”. To prevent FCP X losing connection to source media files, we suggest to disable “Preferences->Media & Disk Cache->Write XMP…” in After Effects. AE and Premiere write metadata to imported files which modifies the file.
  • added “Check for Updates” to the Menu
  • added Preference option “Automatically check for updates”
  • documentation is online only.

Version 1.1.4

Release date: 19 Sep 2012

  • bugfix: incorrect fps precision. Example: 23.976 fps was incorrectly exported as 23.98 fps.
  • bugfix: alt+click on a role checkbox did not toggle the selection state of all checkboxes simultaneously.
  • bugfix: (AE) compound clips that are nested inside other compound clips (like synched clips) have shifted offsets or don´t show up as expected.

Version 1.1.3

Release date: 11 Aug 2012

  • bugfix: multicam clips with timecode were not exported properly to AE

Version 1.1.2

Release date: 25 Jul 2012

  • bugfix: the inPoint (clip-start) of some optimized media clips where translated incorrectly and caused After Effects to abort the execution of the jsx-script with an error.
  • bugfix (AE): compound clips that are attached to a compound clip in FCP X are nested inside the wrong comp in AE
  • bugfix (AE): script import failed when the clip name contained an apostrophe (‘).

Version 1.1.1

Release date: 01 Jun 2012

  • bugfix (AE): the ordering of audition clip layers are incorrect

Version 1.1.0

Release date: 21 May 2012

  • added support for roles. By assigning roles to clips in FCP X you can manage if you want to export a single clip or a bunch of clips.
  • added After Effects export option. Exports and reconstructs the complete timeline as a single .jsx file. If “Roles” are enabled, only the clips with the selected role assigned get exported.
  • added support for compound clips, audition clips and lanes. Multicam clips are not supported.
  • added Preferences Panel: truncate the clipName to shorten output file- and foldernames. Set default subfolders. Make source files read-only (After Effects only).
  • bugfix: Nuke and FCP X offset time values did not match when the source media had different fps values than the project
  • bugfix (Nuke only): pixel aspect ratio was always 1.
  • Online documentation is replaced by a User Guide PDF.

Version 1.0.1

Release date: 15 Mar 2012

  • bug fix: all files and folders are now named according to the clip name in FCP X including the Quicktime reference movies
  • minor code optimizations

Version 1.0.0

Release date: 02 Mar 2012

  • initial release
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