Non Mac App Store ClipExporter version

The Mac App Store (MAS) requires ClipExporter to be sandboxed and not to use deprecated frameworks. In order to circumvent bugs in the FCPX XML and add essential functionality, we provide a version that is not sandboxed and uses the deprecated QTKit APIs. You must have purchased ClipExporter on the App Store in order to authorize the non-MAS version.

RED clips and the sandbox

Apple´s sandbox technology is great and allows access only to files or folders that are permitted by so called “bookmarks”. These are stored inside the .fcpxml file. In case of long RED clips, which consist of multiple parts, ClipExporter requires read access for the whole RED clip folder. But the bookmark, given by the XML, permits to read only the first r3d file. As a result ClipExporter fails to read, trim and export those RED clips.

Extended functionality

ClipExporter uses the deprecated QTKit framework to provide MXF and Quicktime Reference movie support. The Mac App Store rejects apps with deprecated APIs. Please note that at least Compressor uses the same framework to support MXF files.

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You must have purchased ClipExporter in the App Store in order to authorize the non MAS version!

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