ClipExporter helps Final Cut Pro X editors to export their project´s clips for further processing in other post-production applications.

It exports your entire Final Cut Pro X  timeline or just specified clips to After Effects. Therefore it uses the same media files as FCP X and translates many parameters and their keyframes.

It exports your project´s clips as trimmed copies of the source original retaining all quality and data. The output video files are identical to their source but with added metadata from FCP X.

It exports your clips as trimmed video files and uses them to translate your timeline in After Effects. The result is a basic timeline that can be easily shared with other artists.

It exports each clip as Nuke file with trimmed video files. A Backdrop Node displays all metadata provided by the XML.


Video export

  • Quickly export clips as independent video files without any transcoding or rendering. This preserves all data and quality of the original source media file.
  • Video formats including RED, AVCHD, H264 and more are supported.
  • ClipExporter adds spotlight searchable metadata of your clips like keywords and notes.

After Effects export

  • ClipExporter translates your Final Cut Pro X project to an After Effects script file
  • Supports retimed clips, blend modes & amount, position, anchor point, scale, rotation, corner pins, notes, markers
  • Supports keyframes
  • Missing files are substituted with Placeholders. These can easily be relinked using “Replace Footage…”

After Effects “linked mode” export

  • If video export is also activated, After Effects references the trimmed video files that have been exported along with the script file.
  • Compound-, Audition- and Multicam clips are flattened and reduced to the main composition
  • Retimed clips retain their position in time, but their duration is un-retimed
  • Only supports notes. All other modifications and keyframes are discarded

Nuke export

  • For each clip a Nuke file is generated
  • Only available in “linked mode”
  • All the clips metadata is right in place in a Backdrop node
  • Optionally use relative file paths in the Read node and easily relink your media by changing the project directory

Additional Features

  • Assign roles to clips in Final Cut Pro X to define and export specific clips instead of the complete timeline
  • Choose whether to export all to a single folder or to a per-clip folder
  • Save time and let ClipExporter create a per-clip subfolder structure
  • Useful for Producers: export a detailed list of the exported clips to Excel or Numbers

Known Isues:

  • When you open ClipExporter, this message appears: “ClipExporter is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete ClipExporter and download it again from the App Store.” In the update 2.0.1 I messed up App Store validation. Please update to version 2.0.2
  • Avoid reversed retimed clips. They are not supported right now.
  • RED clips that consist of multiple file parts are not supported. This is due to ClipExporter´s restricted access to the file system. I´m searching for a solution.
  • VIDEO: if the error occurs “No bookmarks found. Please re-export your project.” then please try to re-export your project in Final Cut Pro X.

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